Computers are people too!

Bloggers beware. You thought you were writing for a bunch of info addicts or a grannie with ten cats but alas, you may actually be writing for a far different audience. Be it your instruction manual on how to make a good burrito or your pontifications on the latest video of Lady Gaga and Beyonce, your musings are becoming more and more deeply relevant to your new audience…the computer. You, my dear blogger have given computers a new lease to life!

“…the web could be mined to track information about emerging trends and behaviours, covering everything from drug use or racial tension to interest in films or new products. The nature of blogging means that people are quick to comment on events in their daily lives. Mining this sort of information might therefore also reveal information about exactly how ideas are spread and trends are set.” –The Economist, March 11th 2010

Isn’t it nice to be heard in bits and bytes? Isn’t it a pleasure to help those suffering advertising companies who are overwhelmed by your chatter to at last know you in ways perhaps you don’t know yourself? Alright alright…am being a bit unfair as this can also lead to some really innovative solutions on critical news dissemination or grassroots political action. Besides, it maybe even nice to actually be targeted more appropriately by ads …instead of a teenager receiving ads on Viagra, she can get ads on the latest hip hop albums perhaps? But all in all, one thing is for sure – your thoughts are not alone!


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