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Simulation: Ad campaigns for "Using Protection"

Get this, after designing this simulation, I found this video on YouTube... AN ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGNTHEME: USE PROTECTIONInstructions: Create a comprehensive campaign that identifies your 1) main goals for your ads. 2) key message 3) channels & placement of communication-aka radio, internet etc. 4) choice(s) of contraceptives.Step 1: DESIGN and PRESENT an actual advertisement Step 2: Class analyzes your ad Step 3: Share your strategy with the class ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Group: 1 (People: Marketing Manager; Press Agent; Advertising Rep; Creative Team)Client: WHO (World Health Organization)Target Audience: Sub Saharan AfricaClient concern: Does not want to offend religious sentiment & governmentExcerpt of Context given to the students: BBC News (17 March 2009): Pope Benedict XVI, who is making his first pap…