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Culture for Dummies?

This is no joke. Believe it or not, there are "Culturally sensitive Quizzes" out there to train you to perform better in business across different cultures and nations. It's so stereotypical that it should crack you up (although obviously not intending to do so); Try it out. Check out Kwintessential ================================================= QUESTIONS SAMPLE: Cross-Cultural Quiz on Islam 1. On which day would you expect to get least business done in Muslim countries? Friday Saturday Sunday 2. Which of these would make the best gift for a Muslim client? Silk tie Perfume Watch 3. The teachings of Islam emanated from which modern day country? Palestine Saudi Arabia Egypt 4. During negotiations your counterpart keeps saying 'inshaAllah' (God willing) to each of your requests. What should you do? Accept the 'inshaAllah' mentality Demand some firm commitments Repeat the phrase but try and establish some concrete agreements 5. What is the n